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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Classics Deluxe Optimus Prime V-2

This is a custom that I decided to repaint after feedback from the last time I did him. I mainly went and re did his upper half. I airbrushed everything in Model Masters Chrome sliver and then airbrushed over that in Clear Red. I removed the swivel parts from his gun and then joined the 2 remaining parts together with epoxy and the gave it a black base coat and dry brushed it it Aluminum. It was highlighted in spots with Florescent Red/Orange. For added detail I painted around the windows in chrome silver. Unfortunately when it got clear coated, it dulled the chrome. The Windshield was also removed and repainted in light blue. You can see from the old pic I put up, what I changed.

Classics 2.0 Hound

I repainted hound in more army colors. His body in mostly Olive Drab Green with touches of chrome and siver mixed in. Chrome yellow was used on his forearms and Red on his kneecaps. His windshield is actually a piece of black electrical tape cut to size. The tab on his rocket launcher is broken so it just sort of sits on there.

Beast Wars Transmetal Rattrap

I made this custom of Rattrap amny years ago. The only reason he's making the site now is because I came across some old pictures I took of him at the time. He started out as the Walmart exclusive figure Packrat. I completely repainted him in more show accurate colors and reworked his body. I began by separating his robot body from his rat body. Next, I used 2 part epoxy and filled in his back where some of his robot parts went in his rat mode. I then took the back half of the rat and used 2 part epoxy to secure a nail in the underside. After that I drilled a hole in the back of the robot to secure his rat half when in robot mode. The next part was tricky. I had to remove the ball joints that held his rat head on. I cut the ball joints at the ball and drilled two small holes in them and inserted pins in them so that when he's in robot mode. The rat head halves can sit on his shoulders. Keep in mind, when reading this "how-to" that I created this figure at least a decade ago and I'm trying to remember how exactly that I did it. To attach his tail on Ratmode, I drilled a hole the same size as the end of the tail so it could attach. So here he is. I'm sorry for the crappy pics. These were shot with a 35mm camera.

Classics Beachcomber V-1

I made beachcomber using Cybertron Hardtop. He was fun to do I remolded his head in an attempt yo give him a more G1 look. He was given a grey primer coat and then brushed over in Ford Engine Blue. Steel and siver were used to drybrush his robot parts and I used Chrome silver on his rims.

Classics 2.0 Galvatron

This is an older custom I did of Classics Galvatron. I drybrushed the main tank part but kept the turrent in a purple color. The purple is a custom color I mixed for this figure. When I made this one I was focusing on the robot mode more than the alt mode. I airbrushed his cannon in chrome and orange.

Classics 2.0 Cyclonus

Repainted him a second time. This is the same figure that's in my signature pic. The nose piece was replaced with the gun barrel from A KO Alt Wheeljack figure. Nightstick was drybrushed in Steel and accented with Pearlescent purple. I really like how these two turned out.